Food Psychology Archive








Why do we think eating insects is disgusting?

Keep chocolate as a luxury

Eat Away Your Stress

The Psychology of Hanger

Why We Should Use Our Hands to Eat

The Benefits of Mediterranean Attitude (Rather Than Diet)

Understanding Why Humans Like Spicy Food

Let’s Rely on Our Instincts to Make Food Choices 

The Psychology Behind the Gluten-free fad

Home Cooking Makes you Happy

Shame of Food Shaming

Mindful Eating Improves Digestion

How to Improve Your Immune System

The influence of music on our taste perception

The Psychology of Comfort Food

The Truth About the Effects of Caffeine

Psychological Tips For an Impressive Christmas

Thoughts on the Obesity Crisis 

How Perception of Food Changes Flavour

How to Survive Thanksgiving as a Sarcastic Brit

High Serotonin Diet Influences on Mood

Effects of Social Norms on Eating Behaviours

Mental Health Stigma- British Stiff Upper Lip

Sugar and Mental Health

The Attitude Towards a Meal Can Influence Digestion

Problems with Food Mislabelling

Mindful Eating

Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Juice Cleanse and Mental Health

Socialising Makes Us Eat More

Food Companies Manipulate Brain Activity to Increase Snacking

How to Bad Break Habits


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