About Me

I’m Annie, founder of The Thinking Kitchen! I’m studying PhD in Nutrition and Behaviour at the University of Bristol, having completed a Masters in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford and my undergraduate degree at in Experimental Psychology at Bristol, researching eating disorders and emotion processing.

Having lived (and eaten) like a typical student over the last 3 years, I have become increasingly aware that an unhealthy diet can have many consequences to both physical and mental health.

As a  sufferer of eczema, rhinitis and hypothyroidism, I’ve always thought that I have a naturally low immune system. However,  I have found a whole community of researches/nutritionists/chefs/food-bloggers who have good reason to believe that immunodeficiency disorders are associated with poor diet, namely excessive dairy and gluten intake. However, although I have been prescribed many different types of medication that haven’t worked, no doctor has ever mentioned diet or nutrition.

So I am going to investigate how (and what) foods are related to my illnesses  by changing my diet and lifestyle. In doing this I am to use psychological understanding to not only change what I eat, but also change the way I think and behave towards food.

I thought it would be interesting to document my progress as both a motivation to continue and to share what I learn about nutrition. Also, I believe that understanding the psychology behind food and eating behaviour is not given enough attention when thinking about wellness and diet. So, I have also started this blog as a place to look at the transition to a healthy lifestyle with a psychological focus.

I want to share with others my passion for cooking and psychological perspective of eating – this has lead us to setting up this pop up with the aim of changing the way people think about food!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Annie
    I wondered how the juicing was going. I have been looking into different ways of healthy eating in an attempt to help stabilise my mental health so would be very interested. X


    • Hi Dilani!

      The juicing has gone really well, I even roped my dad into doing it with me and he loved it! I am going to write a post on juicing very soon so you can hear more about it there. I would really recommend trying it just for a week as it made us both feel really energised and its generally helpful to have something to concentrate on and think about day to day that is actually doing your body good. We were both quite moody for the first couple of days because the toxins are being flushed out but for the next 8 days we were really happy and enjoying trying different recipes etc. so yeh I would recommend it for sure! It’s definitely worth trying these things, even if they don’t work for everyone I think it’s important to test it out to see if your body responds well.

      I hope you, dave and the girls are well!


  2. Love your site! My background is in psychology as well and it sounds like we have a lot of common interests (and health issues!). Can’t wait to explore and read more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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