Chocolamentary – Understory needs your help!

Sorry for the radio silence, it’s been a crazy busy few weeks. I’ve been working hard on at Understory, a food/art/science start up I help to run. We try to tell stories through food, mostly in the form of chocolate products.

In the last week, we’ve launched an indiegogo campaign to film a documentary, called Chocolamentary, about the World’s rarest chocolate bean. We are raising funds, through our products, to take a team of scientists and filmmakers to the secret farms in Peru where the world’s rarest cacao is grown. We will film a documentary with an experimental new drone that explores the challenges the farm faces and how, as a company, Understory can help.

The chocolate industry is going through a tough time at the moment, from disease to slavery, to deforestation. All that without even considering how climate change will impact chocolate. What does sustainability look like for the world’s rarest chocolate? We need your help to find out.

At Understory, chocolate is everything. To make sure it stays that way, we need to work closely with the farmers and contribute back.

Here’s the link to our campaign if you want to support us or just find out more:

We’re offering all of our weird and wonderful chocolate products to Indiegogo backers. Here are some of the rewards we’ve been working hard to develop these over the last year and they can only be purchased exclusively through this campaign:

Our first cookbook, ‘Hungerstory’, with multisensory recipes, illustrated by children’s author Alan Snow.CcYvYBIWAAAQ2Qw

Glittermouth – our first storytelling Marscarpone chocolate bar. It tells a story, through music, of a musician who tastes melodies.


Love Potion- an aphrodisiac hot chocolate with sciency glassware. Made with carefully selected natural aphrodisiacs that have been chosen to embellish the chocolate with flavour and a touch of magic.

A Stormjar lamp – a working thunderstorm in a jamjar with tea bags and specially composed music to help destress you.

storm jar

Or we can even turn your face into a chocolate bar made from the World’s rarest Chocolate.

But it’s not all about the money! Yes, we do need it (for obvious reasons), but whether you can support us financially or not you can help us by spreading the word via facebook, twitter and blogs.

Any support would be amazing. This film will raise awareness for the need for sustainability in the chocolate industry, and by participating, you can help make it happen.

Here’s the link again if ya want to check it out:


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