Sugar and mental health: 2-ingredient, healthy ice cream


It is common knowledge that eating sugary foods makes your fat, gives you diabetes and generally doesn’t do the body much good. But far less attention is given to the effect of a high-sugar diet on our mental health. Many studies have shed light on the negative impact of sugar on mood and quality of life. In fact, associations have been made with a high-sugar diet and increased risk of depression, anxiety schizophrenia as well as a poorer recovery rate that those with a low-sugar diet.

It is easy to blame mental health problems on predisposed genetics but when a shocking 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in our lives, we have to look at the change in environment that is causing the rise in psychological diagnoses. It is no coincidence that sugar-intake is at an all time high.

Sugar suppresses activity of a hormonal activity and the immune system- issues common to people with depression. Interestingly, the countries with the highest rate of depression also have a high sugar intake.

Similarly, sugar had been found to worsen anxiety symptoms and weaken our stress coping ability.  A sugar high and subsequent crash can cause shaking, fatigue, which can make anxiety worse or induce a panic attack.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing depressive or anxious symptoms, I would really advise cutting down on sugar. This doesn’t mean excluding it from diet all together, but it could be doing a lot more harm than you think.


I think this recipe is the best healthy substitute I have found to date. It requires zero effort, only 2 ingredients and actually tastes better than real ice cream. Honestly you have to try it, it is unbelievably good! I can now have ice cream for breakfast without feeling guilty.



4 frozen bananas

1/2 cup Milk (I used almond milk but you can use whichever you have around!)

Flavouring/toppings (e.g. cocoa, honey, nuts, dark chocolate chips, berries)

1.  Freeze the bananas (with the skins off!) for a few hours. May be helpful to chop roughly them before freezing.

2. Place the bananas and milk in blender or food processor. I had to stop and scrape off the sides a few times but continue until mixture resembles ice cream!

3. Add whatever flavouring, I used cocoa topped with sugar-free chocolate chips and nuts.

N.B To make strawberry/raspberry flavoured ice cream add frozen berries in with the bananas.

Hopefully this recipe will give help you realise that fruit is a great alternative to man-made sugary products. Although it contains some sugar, it is more natural and less damaging for the body and brain. Enjoy!10730998_10152931061519758_4656042582887931197_n


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